Here's how to get them back.

I Help Natural Health Practitioners Get More Leads, Subscribers, and Customers.

Whether you're a physician, energy healer, or alternative health practitioner, I help you sell more products and services online... without compromising your integrity.

Attract More Targeted Leads

Maximize the number of targeted leads you attract  through custom lead magnets or special offers.

Convert More Prospects Into Customers

Turn more subscribers into customers through automated email marketing campaigns.

Turn Customers Into Multi-Buyers
Convert customers to multi-buyers by identifying and implementing new, high-dollar offers.

Want Results Like These?

How 3 Email Campaigns Brought In $20,057 In Just Three Months - On Autopilot


Create an affiliate campaign that attracts brand reps and encourages them to promote the company's products.


Although the company's goal was to empower women, none of the brand's messaging reflected this powerful mission. I created brand messaging that resonated with the target audience, then crafted a series of automated emails that both educated and encouraged engagement with customers. This allowed the the company to successfully connect with their target audience - resulting in increased sales.

How a Single Email Effectively Created a Brand Story - And Netted Double Than Average Sales


Increase email engagement while promoting the company's products.


I created a company persona that harnessed the power of storytelling to connect with customers. The email ended up being the most profitable email in the company's history, with the average value per customer of $2.16 per click.

How a Cart Abandonment Campaign Made This Client Nearly $2236


Reduce cart abandonment for a newly-launched product.



I created a series of emails that educated the prospect and fostered brand loyalty. This led to an average monthly earnings of over $2K.

About Me

Meet Rachel Speal

I help entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches in the alternative health industry become known as industry leaders and improve their bottom line profits.

I start by creating a customer avatar that helps you identify your ideal prospect. An analysis of your business and its' products or services, as well as of your top competitors, allows me to discover new, profitable opportunities that can be implemented over the short and long-term.

Next, I help you gain authority and credibility by creating a content marketing strategy that builds your audience, attracts and engages prospects, and helps turn leads into loyal customers with high lifetime value.

Then I put the customer-getting process on auto-pilot by building proven, automated sales funnels that generate more leads, subscribers, and customers.

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